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Chemical-Free Wheat: At 3:30 AM, the bakers' day begins. The millstones of the ancient Neighbor's Mill gristmill come together as they have for over 100 years to transform the Montana-raised chemical-free hard red and hard white wheat into whole grain flour. The fresher the flour, the more nutritious the bread.

Finest Natural Ingredients: To the flour is added only the finest natural ingredients: grains, herbs, fruits, cheeses, nuts to form the unique personality of each variety, from shy Light Wheat to robust Spinach Feta.

No Additives or Preservatives: Because our breads are made with honey rather than refined sugar, they keep exceptionally well. (Your bread will stay fresh on your counter-top for up to a week from the day it was baked; or, you may double bag and freeze it for later use.)

We use no additives or preservatives. And because most of our breads are made without any added oils, fats, whole eggs or dairy products, they are virtually fat free.

Handcrafted: At Neighbor's Mill skilled artisans grind the grain, make and knead the dough, craft each loaf by hand and bake in a huge revolving deck oven. For millenia, bread has been the staff of life.

At Neighbor's Mill, life is good.

They're all here.

The basics done right: Country White, Honey Wheat, Light Wheat, Seven Grain, Woodstock(our finest 9 grain), Sesame Sunflower, Dark Pumpernickel, Light Rye.

A basketful of exotic flavors: Tomato Herb & Cheese, Spinach Feta, Garlic Triple Cheese, Rotel© 4-Cheese.

Dessert breads as rich and sweet as cake: Strawberry Pecan, Peaches and Cream, Blueberries & Cream, and Sour Cream Pecan Sweet Breads.

Click on the breads below to see pictures and descriptions and you'll see that Neighbor's Mill has created a bread for every taste and every occasion using only all-natural, chemical-free ingredients.








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