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Ozark Mountain Family Smokehouse

Over 50 Years ago, the Ozark Mountain® Smokehouse started with a smoked turkey...

In the mid-thirties, Roy Sharp was served a smoked turkey at a party. He found it dry and salty and claimed to his wife later that although he'd never smoked a turkey he thought if he ever did he could easily beat that. He didn't have the opportunity until he retired to the Ozark Mountains and began experimenting.

Over a period of four years he developed the recipe that we use today with herbs and spices in the cure, smoking the meat with green hickory wood. The fame of Roy's ' recipe spread and friends would say, "Roy, next time you do a turkey, please do another one for me." To meet the demand, a large turkey smoker was put in the barn. This new smoker caught fire and the barn burned down.

In 1946 a small smokehouse was built and the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse was launched as a business.

Roy's son, Frank, and his wife Sara, became actively involved, and today, in addition to the original store at Farmington, Arkansas there are 10 locations where folks can enjoy smoked meats and cheeses from the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse.

At Neighbor's Mill we carry the full line of premium Ozark Mountain Smokehouse products: smoked ham, turkey, corned beef, peppered beef, chicken, beef jerkey, summer sausage, salami, smoked cheeses, jams and jellies, fruit juices, etc. We use the meats and cheeses in our sandwiches, we slice and sell deli meats and cheeses by the pound, we stock prepacked meats and cheeses in our display refrigerator and we make wonderful hospitality trays.

We also sell every product in the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse catalog. For your copy of this attractive full-color catalog, which includes dozens of gift boxes, go to the Contact Us screen and request one.

Neighbor's Mill Bakery & Cafe breads and Ozarks Mountain Smokehouse meats and cheeses: a winning combination!

Below is just a sample of a number of items Neighbor's Mill Bakery and Cafe has to offer you.













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Neighbor's Mill
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