“friends & Neighbors” Loyalty Program

The “friends & Neighbor’s” Loyalty Program is designed to reward our customers for their loyalty. The more you purchase, the more you receive.


  • Members receive 1 point for every dollar they purchase.
    When your point total reaches 50, you will receive an e-mail for $3 off your next purchase. You will continue to earn points until you reach 100 points. Once you reach 100 points, you will receive an e-mail for $5 off your next purchase and your point total will go start over at 0.
  • Members will receive special e-mail coupons for freebies on their birthday and wedding anniversary.
  • When a member refers another person to the program and that person joins, the member receives 25 points.

Sign Up

You can sign up for the “friends & Neighbors” loyalty program in a number of ways:

  1. Complete a registration form (available at each cash register) and turn it in to a cashier.
  2. Enroll online by clicking here.
  3. Scan the QR code on our promotional materials using a smart phone and then enroll online.

Additional Info

This “friends & Neighbors” Loyalty Program will replace all discounts, including Senior Discounts and 10% Discounts (including the FedEx discount). We will, however, continue to use the Baker’s Dozen Cards and the Frequent Sipper Cards.

There are no membership cards required to participate in this program. Your account information is stored via your phone number.